“Beloved Sir, you made me fumble but never allowed me to fall.. You made me a failure but never made me a loser.. You made me weep but never made me cry.. You made me poor but never allowed me to beg.. You made me a victim of circumstances but never allowed me become a victim of life.

However Sir, you owned me when the world disowned me.. You remembered me when everyone had forgotten me.. You loved me when everyone hated me..

You embraced me even when my shadow had deserted me.. You lifted me even when my own life had dropped me.. My Sir, you have opened big doors for me when the whole world had closed all the doors on me.

Now, please tell me my beloved Sir.. What is that this humble pilgrim in turn can give you except singing your praises, writing your story and spreading your glory all around the world.. Thanks for giving this noble opportunity to serve Your Holiness, Sir.. Please accept my salutations” – Yours Obediently, Narrenaditya Komaragiri

If you think

Someone who needs to be called a ‘God’ or ‘Bhagawan’ needs to follow a dress code, like wearing Saffron clothes or some other traditional or conventional Hindu Indian attire, then I would say

“The 60 – year old Sriram Sir, whom am referring to as Bhagawan, doesn’t follow any such dress code.. In fact, He wears, just like you and me wear, a simple shirt and trouser, as in the above photograph, and goes around the world like a pretty ordinary man”.

If you think

Someone who needs to be called a ‘God’ or ‘Bhagawan’ needs to have an Ashram or Hermitage in a remote place with a Temple built inside it and with tens of hundreds of followers assisting Him all day and night, then I would say,

“Sriram Sir doesn’t have any Ashram nor has any set of followers all around Him assisting Him day and night.. In fact, He lives in a simple house in Hyderabad, along with His wife, and does everything that you and me do to our family in our day to day life.. He even goes to the market to buy vegetables and stands in a Q wherever required”.

If you think

Bhagawan Sriram Sir With Sri PVRK Prasad, IAS (to His right) and Sri Srinivasa Raju, IAS, JEO, TTD (to His extreme right) Sri Girija Sankar, IAS, M D, Tourism, A.P. State Govt., Sri Raghunath, JTC, RTA, Hyderabad, and Sri PVR Reddy, IAS, Inspector General , Stamps and Registration, A.P. State Govt (Standing from Lto R) during Sriram Sir – Tirumalesa.com Global Readers Meet In Hyderabad on December 24th, 2016

Someone who needs to be called a ‘God’ or ‘Bhagawan’ needs to have hundreds of thousands of followers all over the world who would chant his name day and night and who would also prostrate before his feet whenever they see him, then I would say,

“Sriram Sir doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of followers all around the world.. However, He, for sure, has a set of select followers that include many IAS officers, learned scholars, illustrious personalities, Scientists, Professors, Doctors and this humble soul.

Most importantly, Sriram Sir, Who often says, “I want to remain unanimously anonymous”, loves His privacy the most and wishes to spend all His time in loneliness.. He also doesn’t allow anyone prostrate before His feet nor does He allow anyone to touch His feet.

If you think

Someone who needs to be called a ‘God’ or ‘Bhagawan’ needs to preach you mantras and rituals and advise you to do this puja or that – for your well being – then I would say,

“Sriram Sir neither talks about any puja nor mantras nor advises you to follow any rituals.. In fact, all that He says is, “live like a bird in communion with Nature and do not follow any rituals.. As long you follow rituals it’s like an aircraft running on the tarmac without taking off”.

He further says and also often proves, “human beings, as is propagated by many geniuses and intellectuals, do not have any free will.. Everything in this world is pre determined and well determined right from the movement of the blade of the grass to the movement of the monster”..PERIOD

If you think

Bhagawan Sriram Sir In Glorious Cosmic Action While Performing That Spellbinding Miracle During Sriram Sir – Tirumalesa.com Global Readers Meet In Hyderabad On 24th, December, 2016

Someone who needs to be called a ‘God’ or ‘Bhagawan’ needs to perform many miracles like Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi or His Holiness The Paramacharya of Kanchi, or His Holiness Sri Saibaba of Shirdi or the so called Bhagwan Satya Saibaba of Puttaprthi had performed, then I would emphatically say,

“Sriram Sir had performed not one but hundreds of miracles that would baffle the best of scientific brains all around the human world.. In fact, He had performed more spellbinding miracles than the ones the above mentioned honorable Holy personalities have performed in their lifetime.

You may find the above statement of mine pretty bold but am talking with substantial proof in my hands which am going to place before the world at an appropriate time.

However, Sriram Sir had performed those miracles not to impress anyone nor to prove His divine status to His limited number of followers.. He had only performed them to tell us that freewill doesn’t exist in this world and everything is karmically and cosmically controlled by that invisible Divine Hand called God”.

If I have to put everything in His own words, here’s what Sriram Sir says about miracles,”A miracle is a spontaneous concretised expression of God’s love to the one who psychically needs it, karmically deserves it and to whom it is cosmically sanctioned at the ripe and right time”.. PERIOD

If you think

Someone who needs to be called a ‘God’ or ‘Bhagawan’ should be present everywhere and read your thoughts, then I would say,

“Sriram Sir was present at a time at three different places and also reads your thoughts, not only when you are in His presence but also when you are present anywhere on this planet”.

(I request readers all over the world, who have come to know about Sriram Sir through my writing on www.tirumalesa.com, to share the divine experiences you all are having with Sir after He took you into His divine fold, through the following Facebook comments column).

If you think

Someone who needs to be called a ‘God’ or ‘Bhagawan’ should create objects and save us in our crisis, then I would say,

“Sriram Sir had not only created many divine objects like the Salagrama stones and idols of Gods but had also saved many of His followers in their crises and from near dead situations.. Your’s obediently is one such living example.

In fact, He had removed the deadly cancer from the lives of a couple of His followers and had also granted vision to a follower who lost it in a freak accident”

If you think

Someone who needs to be called a ‘God’ or ‘Bhagawan’ needs to know everything that you do, talk and are going through in your life, then I would say,

“Sriram Sir knows everything that you do, you talk and you are going through in your life.. In fact, my friend, there’s no place on this planet where you can hide from Him nor is there anything that you can talk or do without His consent or knowledge”.

Finally, If you think

Yours Lovingly With Bhagawan Sriram Sir At Walden Book Shop In Hyderabad On 23rd July, 2016

Someone who needs to be called a ‘God’ or ‘Bhagawan’ needs to demand money from you in the name of donations for expensive sacred procedures like homa or yagnas, then I would say,

“Sriram Sir doesn’t allow you to give Him any money nor will He accept any gift from you.. All His life He had thus far led, He – who is a Doctorate in English – worked as an English Lecturer and fed His family with His hard earned money..

He just turned 60 on the 11th of May, 2017 and retired from His profession as a Lecturer but still delivers lectures through many prestigious platforms all around the world, for His living.. In fact, there’s no major American University today that’s not waiting for His lecture..

He says, “it is against the laws of Nature to expect or extract others’ money through unlawful means.. If anyone does so, then Nature shall not keep quiet and will not allow that money to remain so with that person forever.. Only what we struggle to earn though rightful means is ours otherwise it’s not”.


To the best of my abilities I have clearly presented my analysis and reasons as “Why Sriram Sir Should Be Called Bhagawan”.. It is now up to you to accept or not accept my argument.. As said by Sir “Everything in this world is predetermined and well determined”..

If that is so, then your belief in my argument too is pre determined.. Your acceptance by Him into His divine fold too is pre determined.. Else who am I.. ??

Key Points

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Stay blessed


Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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