Bhagawan Sriram Sir On Tirumala Hills

On one fine day,

May be about a couple of months ago..

One of the recent followers of Bhagawan Sriram Sir had posed this wonderful question to Prof. M.Sivarama Krishna, one of the most eminent Professors ever in the history of hundred year old historic Osmania University in Hyderabad, India.

This eminent Professor was the former Head, Department of English, Osmania University, Member of the UGC panel for English and Foreign Languages, Visiting Professor, Centre for Comparative Studies and adviser and panel member to many more famous universities and premier educational programs.

In the year 1979, Sriram Sir, as a new admission to M.A (English) in the Arts College of Osmania University, walked into the class of this Professor, for the first time, as a lean looking humble student from a pretty rural background.

Then, in course of time, Sriram Sir – known as Sriram Gajula as student –  did His M.Phil in English on a topic titled, ‘Voyage Into Consciousness – A Comparative Study Of Anita Desai and Virginia Wolf’, in the year 1990, and later did his Ph.D on ‘Telling Stories The Indian Way‘, in the year 1996, under the tutelage and guidance of Prof. Sivarama Krishna and went on to become the great Dr.Sriram Gajula – the Sriram Sir.

Gradually, during that period as a student of M.A (English), Sriram Sir, had started revealing His True Divine Status to the Professor, with many spellbinding miracles, and made the shrewd Professor, who was thus far living his life with great stubbornness and also with a radical outlook towards God, become His ardent devotee for the remaining part of his life.. PERIOD

In his illustrious life, that had spread over a period of almost four decades, this octogenarian Professor Sivarama Krishna had the honor of being part of many spellbinding divine miracles that Sriram Sir had performed right in his house in Nallakunta. Hyderabad..

It was opposite this house of the Professor, in the same Nallkunta area, that the legendary religious personalities and brothers, Sri Ekkiirala Bharadwaja, IAS and Sri Ekkirala Vedavyasa, IAS would live.

Both these genius brothers too had many amazing divine experiences with Bhagawan Sriram Sir during the mid 80’s and 90’s.. Sri Vedavyasa’s son Ekkirala Srinivas, who is currently working as a Professor at the prestigious XLRI, Jamshedpur, was a batch mate of Sriram Sir in Osmania University during his student days.

It was in the marriage of Srinivas, in 1987, that Sriram Sir had produced that spellbinding cosmic photograph that had baffled the great spiritually enlightened minds of Sri. Ekkirala Bharadwaja and Sri. Ekkirala Vedavyasa brothers.

Now, Here’s The Super Question And A More Superb Answer

This recent follower of Sriram Sir, who in a brief time had learnt so much about the divine metaphysical relationship between Prof. Sivarama Krishna and Sriram Sir, had one day posed the following question to the Professor.

He asked, “Sir when did you notice the divinity in your student, Sriram..??”

Pat came the reply from the Professor, “On the day I realized that He has access to my mind and it is under His control”.. PEACE

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This question and it’s answer were revealed by the same follower, who had posed it to the Professor, in the special birthday meeting of Sriram Sir held in Hyderabad on the 11th of May, 2017.. I was one of the participants.

Post his retirement, Prof. Sivarama Krishna had penned down all his divine experiences with Bhagawan Sriram Sir, in a book titled, “The Face Of Eternity” published by the Sterling Publishers, Delhi.


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