Childhood is the circle drawn with God in the centre and innocence as radius.. Incredible though it may appear, the indissoluble bond that exists between the mother and the child, constitutes the pectoral girdle of all the religions in the world..

Once we take an intuitive peep into the peerless process of the spiritual symbiosis, going on between the mother and the child, there would be no need to wade through the avalanche of religious texts to understand the texture of the spiritual intricacies – Bhagawan Sriram Sir

Ever since Bhagawan Sriram Sir had taken me into His Divine Fold, on the 7th of October, 2000, and had on numerous occasions proved to me and still constantly proving to me that ‘Free Will’ doesn’t exist in this world and

“Everything is predetermined and well determined right from the movement of the blade of Grass to the movement of the Monster”, I have stopped believing in auspicious days like Dasami and Ekadasi..

For me everyday is an auspicious day and everyday is a good day.. I do not see muhuraths nor do I follow any special timings for anything new I do in my life..

However, quite surprisingly, the most important meetings of my life, the Divine Sriram Sir – Tirumalesa Meeting held in Hyderabad, on the 24th of December, 2016 and my God On Call Book release meeting held on the 24th of March, 2017 had both taken place on an Ekadasi day..

Now, coming to the point.. Since today being an Ekadasi and many consider it auspicious, I would like to, on this special day, make your day all the more special by sharing with you an amazing divine incident that had occurred in Hyderabad about thirty years ago.

Please go through

Sriram Sir would always say, “Even God acts according to the laws of Nature” and it was exactly in accordance with such Nature that He, despite being a God Himself, had lived for seven long years of His life – between 1981 and 1988 – a life full of misery, unemployment and acute financial crisis.

During that most agonizing phase of His life, Sriram Sir had lived in a small room near the Indira Park area in Hyderabad along with His wife and son, Uday,.. Those days, Sir’s family would use a common bathroom that was also used by fourteen other members living there in that Pigeon house like building.

Telling me one day about His miserable life those days, Sriram Sir had said, “Aditya, I still remember eating in those days in a small mess called Sai Mess near the Indira Park, and at Chowdhury Mess in Nallakunta for just Rs.1.50 ps.. That’s all I could afford those days to spend on my food.

With whatever little I would earn, by occassionally taking English classes in the evening at the Rama Krishna Mutt in Domalguda, I used to manage my family.. I also would wake up at 2 am every night to collect municipal water for our daily needs.

That was the only source of water for us, those days, to survive for one full day.. Unfortunately, that was also the only time water would be released by the water works department.. I used to stand in a long Que, with many others, and collect water.

Later, every morning I used to walk all the way from my house and drop my son, Uday in a Kindergarten school near the Indian Express office and again used to bring him back in the evening.

Seeing my life, my Father-In-Law had some how manged to get me a job in the same M A L D college in Gadwal, where I had done my graduation, but I worked there for only a month and later returned to Hyderabad as I didn’t find that job much to my liking.

That was my life for seven long years between 1981 – the year in which I had finished my post graduation – and 1988 – the year I had finally got a govt. job as an English Lecturer in the Nizamabad polytechnic college.

I reported to my Nizamabad job on the 5th of September, 1988 which was coincidentally the hundredth birth anniversary of the renowned Teacher, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan in whose name the Teacher’s Day is celebrated all over India, every year”..

Saying so, Sir paused..

With tears in my eyes, since I too had gone through an almost similar phase during the nineties, I have asked Sir with a choked voice, “Sir, was that money you would earn teaching at the Rama Krishna Mutt sufficient for your daily needs..??”.

With the most gentle smile ever in this Universe, Sriram Sir had replied saying, “It never was Aditya.. Occasionally my Father and Father-In-Law would send me some money and when they both didn’t, I used to some how manage.

However, I was much happier those days lying down on the green Grass under a tree in Indira Park and looking at the blue skies.. I also would go to morning show movies some times, if I had a little more money, walking all along from Indira Park to Sudarshan Talkies ..

I used to enjoy life like a bird those days.. Today am certainly much comfortable but where are those Natural comforts that I used to enjoy lying down under a tree in Indira Park and walking all the way from my so called home to Sudarshan talkies and Devi talkies.

Will those days ever come back to me nor that age.. Never.. That’s what we do.. In our search for success; craving for money; and quest for glory we miss enjoying the little things of life and stop relishing the pretty moments of joy that it gives us.

Those moments will never come back to us, Aditya, once they leave us even if we, one day, capture all the money, conquer the whole world, amass all the wealth and earn all the glory.. Then what use is all that pride, money and glory when they can never buy us one little moment of our past.

Life cannot be be programmed nor can it be rewinded, Aditya.. Today, I still wish to go to Indira Park and lie down under the same tree, which is still there, and enjoy looking at the blue sky.. But can I ever do that.. What will people think about me..??

Those days, I also used to enjoy eating small onion samosas sold on roadside in Ashok Nagar chowrasta and used to silently observe people around me.. Even today I remember every place in that route.

But can I do all that again now.. Never.. Lost moments will never come back, Aditya.. So enjoy this sweet moment called, now, instead of fretting about a dead yesterday and an unborn tomorrow”.. PERIOD

(I didn’t understand why there are so many similarities between Sir’s life and my life.. They are all so closely related to each other not in one aspect but in more aspects than one.. Even I used to spend those days in the 90’s sitting under the trees in Osmania University campus and would kill my time observing people all around me.. I also would watch movies, all alone, in the same Devi and Sudarshan theaters, where Sir used to watch, and used to enjoy eating those small onion samosas sold in the canteens there.

And when I would have no money to watch movies, I used to get a book on rent of 50ps per day; finish it quickly the same day and get one more book for the next day.. In the process, I must have read hundreds of novels and books, in about two years of time, ranging on topics from Kamasutra to Krishna Consciousness.

This reading, I firmly believe today, had gradually shaped up the writer in me who is now churning out all this stuff to you that is influenced by the writings of those great writers like Yendamoori Veerendrantah, Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy (Telugu), Paramahamsa Yogananda, Arthur Hailey, Frederick Forsyth and Ayn Rand among others).. PERIOD

Now, here’s that amazing incident

This incident occurred sometime during those days when Sriram Sir was going through an acute financial crisis caused by His jobless condition.. There were also some more friends and classmates of Sir, those days, who were more or less going through a similar jobless condition.

In course of time, a few of them had gotten jobs but still would meet occasionally in one particular friend’s room who, like Sriram Sir, had remained jobless for a pretty long time.

They all would normally meet on some evening and like many unemployed youth of any period, spend sometime together cracking jokes with each other, singing songs, enjoying the famous Irani Chai and Samosas of Hyderabad.

One fine morning,

While Sriram Sir and that friend were chatting with each other in his room, a few friends have walked in giggling and told Sir,

“Sriram, now that we got jobs, we are all going to Tirupati, Kanchi and Madurai to fulfill the promises that we have made to Lord Venakteswara, Kanchi Kamakshi and Madurai Meenakshi during our jobless days.. We have made a promise that we would visit these Temples once we get govt. jobs.. Just came to inform you both before leaving”..

Sriram Sir with a smile had wished them “all the best”.. After about half an hour, those friends took leave from both Sriram Sir and His friend and left the room.. Only Sir and that friend were left in the room, that moment.. Suddenly, there was some uneasiness in the atmosphere there in the room.

Sir observed some paleness and unusual silence in His friend’s face who was at that time sitting with his head bent down and looking at his vacant palms.. May be he was trying to hide his tears from the sharp observing eyes of his beloved friend, Sriram.

This friend is also a great devotee of the above mentioned Gods and Goddesses and he too had made many promises to them to help him get a good govt. job.. But his wish was not yet fulfilled.

Silently, observing all that was going through in his friend’s mind, Sir asked him,”What’s the matter.. Why have you turned silent so suddenly.. Let me know”.. Forcefully holding his tears, in the sockets of his eyes, the poor friend had replied saying,

“We all planned to go together to all these places once we all get jobs.. They got jobs and I didn’t get.. But they still waited for me for almost six months.. Then I told them,

“My financial position doesn’t permit me to accompany you.. So you all please go ahead and don’t wait for me any more.. How long will you wait for me when am myself not sure of getting a job in near future”.

So, Sriram, now they are all going to those Temples leaving me alone.. What is my mistake Sriram.. Why am I going through this pain when they all, who have studied along with me, have got good jobs but am yet to get one.. Am sure am sincere in my prayers.. Buy why this punishment only to me”

After looking quietly at His friend for a few seconds, Sriram Sir replied in a low tone saying, “I very much understand your pain but please remember.. Nothing in your life lasts forever not even your troubles.. In the celestial Kingdom of God even prayers are answered at a right and ripe time.

Until then, we all have to patiently wait and silently suffer.. No one, not even Lord Krishna, is an exception to this Cosmic Law of Nature.. So don’t worry.. Your time too shall certainly come”.

The friend, who had never before seen that seriousness in his friend Sriram’s face and had never before heard such obscure philosophy from Him, had just kept looking at Him with great disbelief in his eyes..

Divinity was at it’s best that moment in that room..

It slowly started coming out of Sriram Sir’s eyes during those glorious moments of amazing ecstasy..

Surprising his already surprised friend furthermore and taking him into a deeper state of shock.

Sriram Sir said,

“What is that our friends are going to gain or earn by spending so much money and visiting so many places now.. They will at the most have darsan of Gods and Goddesses and come back into this mundane world again.

When God is everywhere around us where’s the need for us to find Him only in Temples.. People with lesser spiritual knowledge and lesser spiritual wisdom find God only in Temples but an enlightened man like you will find Him everywhere.

Do you know what our friends are going to come back with.. They are, at the most, going to come back with the sacred prasad from all these Temples and share it with us.. That’s all..??.. And you are feeling sad that you are not able to go to these places and get that prasad..??

Then why spend so much money and go to all those places to fetch that prasad when it is already there waiting for you on your Pooja table now.. Go.. Go and get it.. We both shall enjoy eating it”.

For a few seconds the poor friend – who was watching Sriram Sir with his eyes almost popping out – did not understand what Sir was saying.. So he asked, “what Sriram.. what did you say”

Smiling gently, Sriram Sir said, “am saying there’s already the sacred prasad from all the three Temples of Tiruapati, Kanchi and Madurai lying on your Pooja table.. Go, go and get it”..

This time almost going mad, the friend asked Sriram Sir,”there’s no any such prasad from any Temple on my Pooja table.. Who brought it and how will it come.. I have just finished Pooja and came here”

Again with the same smile, Sriram Sir said, “it is now there.. Go and get it”..

The friend got up, as though he had bounced off a spring board, and went rushing to the Pooja table that is in one corner of that room.

To his utter shock,

The friend found three different packets of prasad there on his Pooja table.. The first one was a Tiruamla Temple Laddu, the second and third ones were Kumkum and prasad from Kanchi Kamakshi Temple and Madurai Meenakshi Temple.

They were smelling so fresh, with amazing fragrance, as though they were just cooked and brought out from the Temples’ kitchens.. The friend almost fainted looking at them.. He didn’t understand how did they come there when he was sitting so closely to his Pooja table.

After silently looking at those packets for a few seconds, the friend slowly turned his head and looked at his beloved friend Sriram who at that time was also looking at him with a naughty smile on his lips.


And during those divine moments..

That friend, for the first time in his life, had noticed a great Divinity in his friend, Sriram.


A senior follower of Sriram Sir had told me about this incident many years ago and I suddenly remembered it during a telephonic conversation I had with another follower of Sir about Temple and prasad.

And it was then that I have decided to write about this divine incident, on the occasion of Toli Ekadasi yesterday, and present it to my readers who are eagerly waiting for a new article from me for a long tine.

Although, I began writing this article yesterday (Toli Ekadasi) evening I could not, however, complete it on time..


By leading such a painful life between 1981 and 1988, Sriram Sir had proved to us that, “even God cannot be above the Cosmic laws of Nature”.. If one has to go through a pain, whatsoever, he or she has to go through it as long as it so willed by God because it is a needed pain and not an unneeded one.

Therefore, smile is not only the best antidote to your pain but is also the most favorite prayer of God.. So, the next time you are going through any pain or suffering remember that it is also a gift from your Cosmic Father whom you love the most.


Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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