“A divine coincidence is an effort on the part of God to prevent Himself from getting misunderstood by His lesser wise and ignorant devotees” – Bhagawan Sriram Sir

For some cosmically mysterious reasons,

Many members of my Bhagawan Sriram Sir WhatsApp group are often experiencing the divinity of Sriram Sir – more often than many outside of it – and are promptly sharing them with me.


Here’s one such divine experience – a funny one indeed – one of our group members, Deva (Facebook Profile Name : M R Devaraj Urs) from Bangalore, had shared with me.. Deva is currently working as a Team Manager in Cap Gemini, Bangalore.

Deva has been following my writing, on www.tirumalesa.com, for more than three years now, and had become an ardent follower of Bhagawan Sriram Sir after reading my story series on Sir in 2016.

Deva had also attended both the Tirumalesa Meetings of Sir, held in Hyderabad, along with his wife Jyothi and other family members, and had also done a commendable job as member of our Executive Committee.

After seeing and meeting Bhagawan Sriram Sir, during those two Hyderbad meetings, Deva had felt a great transformation in his entire thought process and also in his outlook towards life.

From thereon, he had started sharing with Sir – through the thought communication method that I have taught him and other members of my WhatsApp group – each and every small issue related to his personal life more so to his professional life.

In a way, Sriram Sir had become Deva’s whole world today.

That’s not all..

Deva is also a movie buff..

A die hard fan of popular Telugu Hero, Pavan Kalyan..

This fanaticism of Deva forms the crux of our story, today..

Although he didn’t tell me, Deva also has a desire deep inside him to become a great film maker one day and bag at least one Oscar award in his lifetime.

It is for this reason alone, Deva would frequently watch movies more so Telugu language movies.. For him, watching a film is like attending a seminar or sitting in a library and reading a book.

Further to that, Deva also takes great pleasure in discussing – with his friends, brother and wife – about how a film should be made, script should be written, characters be designed and artistes should perform.

Incidentally so, when the release date of Pavan Kalyan’s latest Telugu film, ‘Agnatavaasi’ was announced, about two months ago, Deva had almost thrown a party to his entire colony and friends and from that very day had started waiting for the release of the film, counting each and every minute of his life.

Finally, when the film was released on the 10th of January, 2018, Deva could not get ticket for the first day..

He could only get it for the evening show on the 17th of January, 2018..

Unfortunately so, for Deva, there was only one ticket available for the show that day..

Deva was in a dilemma because he had made a promise to his wife, Jyothi, that he would go to that movie along with her.. However, after a few minutes of rigorous thinking, Deva had mercilessly decided to cheat upon his wife, convincing himself, saying,

“That’s alright.. It’s okay to cheat my wife for a Pavan Kalyan film”.. PERIOD

Finally, on the 17th of January,

Deva had left his office early..

Came out running..

Kick started his bike..

And like a tracer bullet..

Had started zooming past through the complex traffic of the Bangalore city heading towards his destination multiplex, The Gopalan Signature Mall Cinemas in K R Puram, Bangalore.

Deva just doesn’t want to miss even a single shot in the film..

In fact, he wants to watch the whole film – right from the boring “Rahul Dravid Run Out” ad – that normally precedes the beginning of any movie in Indian theaters today – to the end.

Fortunately so, everything, until that point, was going perfectly in order for Deva..

He too was happy that “with the speed am driving now, I can easily reach the multiplex on time.. No rascal can stop me”.

However, Deva’s fate had thought otherwise and he was stopped, for over speeding, not by any rascal but by a group of sincere Bangalore Traffic Policemen.

Deva was surprised..




Shocking Deva furthermore..

A Policeman there had asked Deva to fall in line with a few more vehicles that they he have stopped earlier.

Deva just could not understand what was happening to him, in his life, and why was it happening only on that day damned..


Almost going down on his knees,

Deva prayed to the Policeman to let him go..

However, the honest Policeman had bluntly ignored all his prayers and finally allowed Deva to go only after thoroughly frisking him, up and down and front and back.

Rushing to his bike, mouth fully cursing the entire Karnataka home department in chaste Kannada,

Deva had quickly taken off from that place and landed straight in front of the ticket collector of the Auditorium of Gopalan Signature Cinema, in which Pavan Kalyan’s Telugu film ‘Agnaathavaasi’ was being shown, that evening.

However, Deva had felt devastated and heart broken after hearing from the T C that,

“The film had already commenced ten minutes ago”..

Deva just could not believe his ears..

Just could not accept it..

Still to make sure what he had heard was right,

Deva asked the T C, “Come again”.

In an irritated tone, the T C had replied to Deva, in broken Kannada language, “havudu sir.. Cinema start aagithu.. Begi hogi” (Yes sir.. Movie commenced.. Go in quickly)

Almost weeping, Deva went running into the theater and had literally broke down after realizing the harsh truth that his favorite hero Pavan Kalyan’s movie, ‘Agnaathavaasi’, had “really commenced ten minutes ago”..

For a few frenzy moments,

Deva felt like tearing the screen,

Burn the theater..

And even shoot everyone in the hall to death.

However, Deva did nothing..

Instead, he just settled down quietly in his chair..

Cursing himself and his fate.

Then, as he has been normally doing these days, tearfully asked Bhagawan Sriram Sir,

“Sir how can you do this to me.. And why did you this to me at all.. You know how eagerly I have been waiting for this film.. Then, why did you make me miss the first ten minutes of the movie Sirrrrrr.. No.. Nooo.. Nooooooo Sirrrr..”

After about a few minutes, Deva had slowly composed himself, came to terms with the reality; and started calmly watching the movie until he had seen the “INTERVAL” card on the screen..

During the interval break,

Deva had quietly walked out of the auditorium and sipped a hot Cappuccino coffee..

After about five minutes, he slowly walked back into the auditorium; dumped himself back into the seat; and started casually looking at the screen.

At that time, some Kannada ads were being shown on the screen..

However, Deva was just not interested..

His eyes were on the screen but his mind was elsewhere trying to figure out, “what must have happened in the initial ten minutes of the movie”.

Exactly at that time, the boring Rahul Dravid ad had appeared on the screen..

The subdued lights, that were on in the auditorium until that moment, have been switched off by the theater staff.

Preparing himself to watch the post interval part of the movie, Deva had straightened himself in the seat and sat upright.

The Rahul Dravid Ad, that was shown on the screen until that moment, had finally ended thus signalling the beginning of the second part.

For a few seconds, the screen in front of Deva went completely blank..

It remained so for a few more impatient seconds..

Later, surprising Deva, some Telugu letters have started appearing on the screen.

Deva could not understand what those letters were and why were they appearing on the screen at that time..

After a few seconds, Deva, to his utter shock, had realized that,

“Those were the beginning titles of the same Pavan Kalyan’s film that he was watching that moment”.

Later, it took one more minute for Deva to realize what was happening..

Almost holding his breath, Deva casually turned his head and looked around.

There was absolute silence in the auditorium, that time..

After about sixty seconds,

Pavan Kalyan’s ‘Agnaathavaasi’ film had started playing again on the screen right from it’s beginning..

Surprisingly or miraculously so, the other audiences in the auditorium haven’t yet noticed the error, committed by the movie operator, hence, didn’t utter a word.

However, after about eight minutes of watching the same film again from the beginning, almost everyone in the auditorium had noticed the error and have started whistling and howling.

After about two minutes of that pandemonium in the auditorium, the operator too had realized his mistake; paused the film; and then started the post interval part of the film.

With chills running down his spine,

Deva watched everything happening in the auditorium..

He just couldn’t believe his eyes..

How can he believe..??

How does he know that he had just witnessed a miracle..??


Deva had just watched..

“Exactly the first ten minutes of the film that he could not watch in the beginning”..

Deva was stunned..

Surprisingly, the operator too had paused the movie exactly at the commencement of the same scene from where Deva had initially watched the film, ‘Agnaathavaasi’, after entering the auditorium.

“How can a well trained operator of such a renowned multiplex chain commit such a silly blunder in his duty, that he’s performing each and everyday.. How could he not realize for ten minutes that he’s committing such a blunder”..

Deva didn’t pose this question to anyone but posed it to himself..


After about a few seconds..

A series of bombs started exploding in Deva’s mind..




R.. e..a..l..i..z..e..d,

“This is not any blunder committed by the operator nor is this any coincidence.. This is a  miraculous game played by my Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient Bhagawan Sriram Sir”.


Our Executive Committee Members With Sriram Sir During The God On Call Book Launch Meeting.. Deva, With Beard, Is To The Immediate Left Of Sir

Initially, Deva didn’t want to share this incident with me.. He thought he shouldn’t disturb me at all with unnecessary phone calls.

However, he had casually told me about this incident, about two weeks ago, when he had called me to discuss about a few key points related to the forthcoming Tirumalesa – Bhagawan Sriram Sir Global Meet to be held in Bangalore on the 10th of March, 2018.

Deva is a member of the Executive Committee of this meeting and is assisting me in many ways.. Many of our Tirumalesa readers are coming from many parts of the world, including USA and Canada, just to see Bhagawan Sriram Sir – the proved human form of Lord Venkateswara – in that meeting.

If you too wish to attend this once in a lifetime meeting, please send a mail immediately to the mail id meetings@tirumalesa.com with the subject “Bangalore Meeting”..


Do you still think the above incident is a “mere coincidence and there’s no miracle involved in it”.. Fair.. I go with you.. But just wondering,

“What would be your reaction to my other breath stopping story – about a mind numbing miracle that Bhagawan Sriram Sir had performed in the life of a young Bangalore software engineer – that am going to post next week”..

Until then..

Stay tuned with breathlessness..


Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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